It’s time for a rest.

Nice one Powy.
Nice one Powy.

Alright, it’s time for an update for the NekoJonez Life Inc? Truth to be told, I haven’t made up a name for it yet. In any case, I have a few things to talk about Related to my YouTube channel, my blog and other things like that. So here we go. 

Games, too much of them.

Lately, I have been playing a lot of games to finish them up for a review. But I might have put too much on my shoulders to bear. Yes, I might be just playing over 15 games now just to write a review or do a video on it.

I tried to avoid this but it’s just too much fun. Preparing for articles, writing them, doing research, tweaking the article… It’s the most fun I had in a while. But this method makes for slower writing of articles. Since I try to go more in-depth of the games too.

Lucky me, I’m nearing completion of several of these games and once they are done, I’ll try to not start up a new game before I have finished most on my list now. But there is one issue there. I’m a retro game collector. So, I have many games on my shelf that are begging me to finish or play them. So, I’ll be busy with them after these games.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas.

Did I mention I had ideas? Well, for my YouTube channel, I’m planning a load of new series. Minecraft and non-Minecraft related. It’s a load of work, but it’s fun to do.

Recording sessions with TehDrunkenWarrior and Hetty happened recently. And I really enjoy the recording itself and the editing afterward. Yes, it’s true, I started to edit my video’s more so they are better quality. But this also takes up more time.

Also, I’m getting a lot of ideas for my DeviantArt, where I might just publish poems or short story parts I had in my mind once. And the issue here is that I might not have time in the future for all of this.

For my blog, I have a lot of ideas too. New game diary entries, new reviews, articles, and rants. They are all into the preparation.

What’s holding me back?

First of all, Arpegi is somewhat holding me back. Not in a negative way, but I’m the main coder so I update the site often with new content or new features and bug fixes. The mod I wrote for SMF has some minor issues I patched up. So, SMF, please review my updated mod.

Second, my holiday job is taking big parts of my week. I’m tired when I come home and then I need to do some chores before I can rest and work on my content. So, that’s why there is somewhat a lack of it. I try to publish something on either my blog, channel, Twitter or DeviantArt several times in a week but yeah, busy me.

The third thing is that I’ll be spending more time with friends and family. Like I’ll be out of town this weekend. I’ll return Sunday though. So, that means no new content from me tomorrow and on Saturday. I also planned a few trips to stand up comedy shows and several other fun activities.

4th thing holding me back is the preparations for my studies. Yup, it’s taking some time as well. And studies will always be more important than my blog. Since when I mess up in college, things will get messy and maybe that messy that I can create content for a while. Which is pretty logical.

And the final thing holding me back is the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license. Don’t worry, I’m working on it.

So, that’s all that I wanted to update you guys about. Thanks for reading and feel free to catch up on my new YouTube videos. It would mean a lot to me. And I hope that I can welcome you here shortly.

2 thoughts on “It’s time for a rest.

  1. great piece, I am having the same problem with regards to too much games so little time to complete and review. I like how you section off you article it makes it neat and easier to read in small bites. I hope to see more content from you and Arpegi. till then please accept regards.


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