CreepyPasta: You should have been playing. (Written by: NekoJonez)

As a hobby I maintain my own blog, forum and YouTube channel. For that I have made a Facebook page and people could request to join.

Writing is something that interested me since the beginning. When I discovered those horror stories about bewitched games and hauntings of cartridges my attention was caught right away. I watched a lot of video’s, read a lot of stories and enjoyed every second of them. Maybe with the help of some shameless advertising, I even made a few comments.

One day, a girl that wasn’t part of my forum wanted to join the Facebook page. I checked her profile out. She was pretty hot in my opinion. That aside, I checked her profile out to make sure it wasn’t a cover for some advertiser or some fake profile. And I accepted her. It didn’t take long before I got a friend request of her. I thought that she followed my links while reading my comments and to further spread my content, I gladly accepted the friend request.

After a week, we talked a lot over Skype and Facebook chat. Man, did we have a fun time. We also played a lot of games together. From Minecraft to Corpse Party. The single player games we played in screen share. Or we used something along the lines of TeamViewer. That depended on the resources the game asked to avoid lag.

But sadly enough, my holidays were running short and I had to go back to school. She was bummed out. She didn’t go to school anymore and she had nobody else to play games with. I felt sorry for her and I tried to spend my free time with her.

Winter arrived and I went out of town for a week. Enjoying my ski-trip with my classmates. Man, the teachers and we looked forward to it. But in the middle of it all, I realized that I forgot to inform her of all this. I shook it off, hoping that she would read it on my blog or the forum where I mentioned it several times. I didn’t need to be scared then… well yet.

When I arrived home, I hoped that she was online. Sadly enough she wasn’t. Yet her profile changed. It was much more filled with darker imagery. I rolled my eyes. I kept telling myself that it was another one of those times that she went obsessed with the games we were playing. And since we were recently playing horror games and games with a dark tone it didn’t came as a surprise to me.

But then strange things started happening. Thankfully nothing like “ultra-realistic blood” or “loud noises and freezing computers” like you read in many of these stories. Just something really scary. It started when I booted up my 3DS to play some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I found out that my capture device wouldn’t go out of my 3DS. I rolled my eyes and said to myself that it will be find. Maybe my desk was jamming the cable or something. I just wanted to play since I didn’t play the whole trip. Exciting.

So, those weird things. Yeah, those happened when I started my copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity. My savefile was completed. Everything was there, the whole story finished, all Pokémon captured and raised till the highest level. And the completion time was 12:12. I was confused. Did my little brother play on my 3DS? Could be, but finishing my game…. Nah, I can’t believe that. He didn’t know where I hid the charger.

I closed my 3DS and placed it away for the moment. I started up Minecraft to put my mind on something else. When I see that I can’t connect to the internet. I got irritated since I didn’t want to look like the default Steve. But my mom told me that it’s because a cable snapped in the garage that gave power to our router. My dad was out getting a new cable so I had to wait a bit for it to return.

I started up the world me and she had been playing the whole time. But when I entered the world, I found a lot of signs. Signs of one of her pranks I thought? But all signs said the same: “You should have been playing.” All of them. They were everywhere. Well, to be fair on all the places I had yet to finish building. And believe me or not, all parts where indeed finished.

I closed Minecraft. Another thing finished? Odd. And I can sit here the whole day talking about the other strange things I saw. But everything comes down to the same idea. Every game we played, was finished. To the max. And every game had a hint that I should have been playing.

I didn’t want to continue playing those games. I got scared. What sick prank are they pulling on me? Every game was finished. Who of my forum or my community was that bored to do all of this? I started up the last game we played together. Scared what I was about to find. It was a hacked version of Corpse Party some people on the internet made. It was a simple translation hack to make it in our native language.

But the final cutscene played when I booted it up. “We came home. Without the help of User-Laptop! He should have been playing.” Then I started to laugh uncontrollable. So, somebody just wrote a script that hacked my savefiles to 100% and he made a mistake there where he or she pulled my computer name and tried to use it as my normal name. “Hah!” I thought to myself. I was so glad that I took that name as pc name now. So glad that my laziness when I reformatted my laptop months ago pays off now.

Yet, it didn’t end there. A new chapter was unlocked. “Absence of friends.” I smiled heavily. I love Corpse Party a whole lot and new content, count me in. This would have been such a great distraction from this prank. I thought.

I explored around and when nearly finished the chapter, I found an empty-ish room. There was only a bed, desk with a computer and some other things. Well, in short, it looked like a bedroom. One I recognized. It was her bedroom. She once showed it to me when she turned her cam on at Skype. I was confused. Scared of what was going to happen, I saw there was a body on the floor. I stopped in my tracks. A connection in my brain was made that instant.

Did she commit suicide because I wasn’t playing with her? And did she finish all the games we played and killed herself out of sorrow? That might explain a lot of things. Mostly her profiles being so dark and empty. And the signs of me begging to play everywhere. I was about to freak out. This couldn’t be real. With major fear, I walked to the body and pressed “A”. …..

The story is too harsh and emotional to continue to tell. Yet, to this day I don’t know if it was real or if it was an effect of the darkening of my arrival here at Heavenly Host Elementary…..

Wait Jonez, what is this? 

Thanks for asking. Well, since this is my 50th article on this blog I decided to do something really special! I made my first attempt in writing a creepy pasta. Which is a story that isn’t true, made up. It’s written for your own entertainment.

It’s mostly a story about something really scary happening. Something unreal.

Anyways, let’s close this off with the usual cliché and generic stuff. Thanks everybody! Thank you ButtonSmashers for recognizing me and all the moments we spend together.

Thank you for helping me grow. My Arpegians and the ButtonSmashers. Even when you aren’t one of both, thanks for reading and supporting me. It’s so much fun to write, make video’s and do stuff like this. It really helps me get through the challenges that life gives me.

Anyways, if you want me to write more Creepy Pasta’s, I wouldn’t mind. Just leave me a signal and I’ll try to come up with some. But feel free to write in the comments your thoughts of this story and/or how you would improve it. Thanks for reading and hopefully I see you here a next time.


NekoJonez: Minecraft 1.7 – The Biome Update?

Arpegi Back
The official Arpegi wallpaper.

I’m not used of Mojang that they release so much information and barely on one place. Since the newest version of Minecraft will be a biome update, I thought I could keep track of it with snapshots and/or blog posts. But sadly enough, it has been a while since Minecraft saw that. So,  I actually took the time to check both Dinnerbone and Jeb’s twitter and combine every new feature or hinted things here in one blog for you Neko’s/Minecrafters/ButtonSmashers/… to check out. Feel free to talk in the comments about your opinions of this update. Also, what should they add? And what has been added since the writing of this blog? And have I skipped over something? Anyways, let’s start!

Dinnerbone’s twitter

1) Better control of the volume.


The latest hint of Dinnerbone we got was that you might be able in the feature to slide certain sounds and part of the music without having to disturb other parts.

Which is extremely handy. Hopefully this can clear up a lot of the confusion how to make music discs sound louder. Since till this day, I’m still not sure which slider to raise if the music disc is too silent. Plus, you need to restart the music disc to hear the change. This also brings that you now can have all your particles on without being disturbed by the rain sound. Great update for the MindCrack guys, the server where it “always” rains.

2) (Higher size for) resource packs.

minecraft_1-6-2_2013-08-28_12-20-58-g62102446So, according to one of the tweets, the maximum allowed size of resource packs has been raised. For 10mb to 50mb. So, there will be more sounds and textures possible.

Also, it seems that they worked on server-side resource packs for 1.7!

But wait, there is more. Look to this screenshot that Dinnerbone posted. There is a whole new screen for the resource packs. It looks pretty amazing. Looks also at this GIF Dinnerbone posted:

In addition to that, if I read it correctly, you can have two resources packs on at the same time. Great to have a sound and texture pack that are two separate packs. (According to Dinnerbone)

3) Better server overview screen?

For those who not know it yet, you can use a trick to re-order your server list. With holding shift and the arrow keys you can move them up and down. But Dinnerbone said that, without promises, he is going to look into it.

Jeb’s twitter

1) Biome tweaks

Finally, after such a long time they finally worked on the biomes. With new biomes, the oceans are now smaller. Instead of me writing a whole list here of the things they did already, I refer you guys and girls to the one of the latest blog posts of Mojang where Jeb explains most of the upcoming tweaks and such with the biomes.

Oh, and there might be floating islands?

And cliffs:

2) New flowers (like sun flowers)

Like you already can read in the blog that I mentioned earlier, there are going to be new flowers. And sun flowers as well.


According to Jeb is this the new way of telling which direction you are facing. North from South or West from East. How this will work exactly is still a mystery.

But it’s pretty exciting! That’s for sure!

3) Lighting?

Man, those dark spots, don’t you hate them? Well, fear no more! Mojang has finally fixed them.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s the most I could get out of the twitter pages. Since I cut off my article here, I’m sure that I missed a lot of things but I think I got the most important and biggest updates.

I’m extremely happy about the upcoming patch and I’m glad that this update will be more then just a biome update. It’ll be the main attraction but having a better menu, improved resource packs and such things is pretty welcome. Great job guys!

Anyways, NekoJonez out! Have a great block— I mean Minecraft day.