NekoJonez: Interviewed?

Sometimes as a writer on a gaming blog, you want to insert sneaky things about yourself. You know, information about yourself. The man or woman behind the words or voice you hear. Sadly enough, I’m not interviewed by some other blog or known person. I wish I was. But anyways, I’ll answer the mostly asked questions most people get and the few questions I got on my mail. If you want to send me a mail, my address is Anyways, let’s dive right into this!

Q: Set-up? Tech things?

A: Well, for writing and such I use a laptop. I hooked my laptop up to an old computer screen so I have split screen. As keyboard I use the Logitech G105.

My laptop which I use the most is the HP Pavilion DV6 1350eb. I have this badboy for over 4 years now. And I don’t plan on changing it soon. The hardware still keeps up with some of the recent games. But I mostly play retro games so new things don’t matter to me that much.

When I’m hosting a Minecraft server in order to record, I use for hosting my Dell Vostro 3350. Since my HP laptop has more memory to use to play Minecraft then.

As for my mic, I use the mic that comes with my headset. I use the Turtle Beach P11. Honestly, I dislike the design of the headset but the sound and mic are awesome.

To record, I use either Fraps or BB FlashBack. Both amazing software. If I want to make a screenshot, I often use puush. It’s extremely handy when I’m editing something. I love usingCyberlink PowerDirector 11. Yet, I plan to upgrade to PowerDirector 12 soon. If I need to edit the sound, I use Audacity.

My speakers and mouse aren’t anything special. My speakers are from my local hardware store and my mouse is a spare mouse of Logitech. My cooling pad is even from no known brand. I sometimes use a joystick. This is a the Logitech Attack 3.

If you want to know more tech details, feel free to ask me.

Q: How do you pick your games to play/review?

A: For recording, I pick games that are easy to record. I also select games that are great for commentary and don’t require hours of editing.

To review, I look at the games I have played or the games I’m playing and look if I can get enough to review a game. Many many Android games have enough content to fill 1/4 of any usual review I write, which is around 1000 – 1200 words long.

How do I pick the games I play? Well, that’s my gaming instinct. I often play games that catch my attention because of a LP, interesting cover… And over the years, I developed an instinct of games that I know that are for me to play. Also, since I collect games, I often go to garage sales so luck and fate decides there which games fall into my lap and which games I play then.

But racing, shooters and fighting games are often no-go for me. Since I don’t like the style of those games. Exceptions are always possible but I rather avoid them then playing them.

Q: What do you do besides writing and recording?

A: Well, I watch video’s and work on Arpegi. But I often play a lot of games. Minecraft being a prime example. I play that game a lot and I’m in groupchats while I host the server.

I’m also a part of an acting group who yearly brings a piece to the theater.  We have our own stage and place which makes things a lot easier on us.

Since this year, I started studying to become an elementary teacher.

Besides that, I’m often with friends and family going to movies and things like that. Going to festivals and such is nothing for me. I don’t like big crowds since I feel so lost in them and things like that.

So, in short, often creative things.

Q: Favorite X?

A: Darn you! Why do people always ask this question? Well, here we go:

  • Game: The Legend Of Zelda – Oracle of Seasons
  • Game series: The Legend of Zelda
  • Anime: Inuyasha
  • Manga: Corpse Party – Blood Covered
  • TV series: Who’s line is it anyways?
  • Movie: Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark.
  • Console: Nintendo DS.

So, yeah. Anything else?

Q: Why NekoJonez? 

To make a long story short. I’m now 20 years old. The neko part is actually attached 2 years ago. A guy NekoSmash on my forum inspired me. Since I’m a big cat person, I added it to my nickname Jonez.

Jonez comes from Indiana Jones. When I was still a young Jonez, I watched a lot of Indiana Jones. From a nephew of mine gave me his first 3D adventure. Well, Indy’s first 3D adventure.

I enjoyed it an awful lot that I started to play it until my disk was broken. Then I played the levels in my backyard with my buddies.

I couldn’t hold my mount shut about it. I got the game since I rented a movie about it and my nephew had the game.

I still remember that I had to finish the game without the cheat codes. Whenever I was stuck, I went over to his house and he held his hand over my eyes so that I couldn’t see while he was typing in the code to show me how to progress.

To this day, I have finish the game 20 times. It even became a sort of Christmas tradition where I play the game each year instead of watching the same movie every year.

So, I changed the last letter to avoid law things. Yeah, I was afraid of that with my young mind.

Anyways, I think I’ll leave it here. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you have questions you want me to answer, be sure to leave then. Thanks already and catch you next time.