Update Time: busy NekoJonez is busy!


With a random image picked from Google Images, I introduce the new series on my blog. It will be listed under vlogs since this will be basically just that but in text format. How frequent I’ll do these, I can’t tell. But in these blogs I’ll go over everything and tell you Neko’s and readers what’s going on, what I have planned, how much time I have and all that cool jazz. Basically an update of my life and what’s going to come and what has been done. I might repeat these things in a vlog or I might mention that I have written it here in a vlog. I’ll have to work that out. I work on a very “on the moment impro” for them. Anyways, let’s get right to it.

Who are the Neko’s?

You have Arpegians, which are the people of my forum and my better friends. The Neko’s is the name I give my subscribers and frequent readers. Basically my followers. But if you don’t like to be called a cat person, then I have no problem with it. If you call yourself something else, go ahead. I don’t mind. I encourage interaction/laziness/creativity.

Well, let me give you the current state of affairs. First of all, I’m glad there is some movement in the issue of the missing channel icon. It’s back. Yippie! Besides that, nothing really changed that big at my channel so I can sleep on both my ears.

Also, I have been playing a lot of games lately. It has been quite a while since I played Minecraft. I think I might need a break from it. I played Minecraft a bit too much. I now play a lot of games on PC and my DS to have the games I reviewed on my old Dutch blog reviewed again on this blog. This’ll be exciting.

Also, in class yesterday, people had some interest in my blog. I have even shared my link here and there and hello there if you follow the same college as I do. Glad you found the right spot. I’m happy that I’m not a weirdo. And that some people call me nerdy now, I actually kinda like it since I’m basically a nerd in a way. It’s not a bad word you know.

To close off, I have to mention that a lot of tasks are already given in college. Each course wants to join in the action and give us some work. Nothing too big yet, but various small tasks can become one big thing to do. I can promise much new content this weekend since I’ll be concentrating on my college work so I can work on new content less stressed so it becomes better.

The future


Yes, the next few days, I might concentrate myself more on fixing bugs on my forum then making new content. Some things should have been done a month ago but I delayed them.

On the forum there is a long list of things I still need to repair or work on. So, it’s time to tackle a bunch of them. I have a rather big update planned so I hope that when I get to updating, everything is done so we have a smaller list.


I’m considering either moving my blog under my forum or moving it. To be able to have plug-ins running. But that’s something I’ll discuss with Misery since that might affect the stability of our forum.

Apart from articles, I have no big new blog updates planned. Not at least for this blog. Over at ButtonSmashers, I earned my own page. That’s rather awesome. A lot of updates are also planned for over there so that’ll be nice too look forward too.


I’m going to finish my Dream Chronicles series first. I have a new episode recorded, rendered and uploaded. I have only to change the tags of the video and publish it. With publishing I mean posting it on the blogs and updating the pages and playlist. I’ll publish this new episode soon. It’s the episode before the last episode! Then we finished the first game. It’s possible that this blog is published right after when the video goes live. We’ll see. I’ll record the last episode soon too. There might be a second season in the future also where we LP the second game.

The long promised description update is also worked on. I have done a few other video’s. And I plan to do a lot of the work during college when I have a course nothing to do.

Corpse Party, to be honest, I haven’t talked to Hetty about it yet. I’m planning to do that really soon though. Hopefully the mic works out so we can record more. Or I will need to find somebody else to continue the series. Or I might just do it on my own and return Hetty as soon as she can. I’ll look into that.

About the new series, yes, I have 2 planned. A new season of Minecraft Survival in the new snapshots and another one of Saints Row III if you guys want it. But I’m really considering to not do series anymore. Or less. Since I stopped doing some series in the past and I don’t want to end up with dead series anymore. So, I might do random LP’s and gameplay video’s. I don’t know for sure.

Other things

I’m going to work on various other things soon as well. My Tumblr and such need some tweaking. Also I have to do some behind the screen work like cleaning up my laptops, upgrading my software and things like that. I have this boring work gets done soon.

Also, my mom and I are trying our hardest to get our internet stability fixed. Since at certain periods of the day it disconnects more then it connects and it’s really annoying for recording and things like that. We already talked with our ISP.

Closing words

Now that I finished writing this blog, I have to do the boring stuff of publishing it. It’s more then just clicking the “publish” button for me. Since I have to update the vlog page, reblog it, post links where the links don’t automatically post… The most boring stuff to me. I rather make and polish content then posting links.

But now I updated everybody again and all news has been told. Thank you so much for all the support I’m getting and I hope to see you all in the future. Let me entertain you.


About NekoJonez

I'm a Dutch video game blogger. I play old and new games. On my blog I give my opinion and views on them. These are my personal views. I say what I think. I also talk about more then just games. I talk and discuss the gaming industry or elements of games. To get to know me better, you should come on my blog. :) Keep the most up to date with me on my twitter: http://twitter.com/nekojonez Reviews, first impressions and more. Visit my blog: https://arpegi.wordpress.com/ http://www.arpegi.be/ Besides blogging, I also act on stage, have a job in education, play games and study to become a better IT guy.
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3 Responses to Update Time: busy NekoJonez is busy!

  1. Firstly there was no mention of sparta 😦 this is a Neko blog I want to here updates about her, mostly cute pics but you get my drift :D.
    About being called a neko I rather like the term same for nerd. be proud of who you are and flaunt that nerdy awesomeness up and down that college you are sure to meet fellow like minded individuals, and even if you don’t you always have ARPEGI, BSB and me 😀 to hangout with and be super nerdy because we’re all nerds and nerds are cool.

    of course I like the new look to the blog, as i mentioned on twitter earlier,

    @NekoJonez I love it. blue is my favorite color after all :D— Q? (@lpgardian) September 29, 2013

    oh and about the corpse party. if hetty doesn’t get her mic in time i’ll be happy to help and i’ll see if i can get Cece to help too. 😉

    anywho thanks for the update I know it took me a bit of time to get around to reading it but i was a bit out of it all week. I was so out of it that those last 2 articles on BSB took me a week to write.


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