Goodbye YouTube, not goodbye NekoJonez

So in short, I’ll be more focusing on my college work, my forum, my personal life and my blog.

Since the reasons I mentioned in the video (too much time, less enjoyment…) I decided to make this my final video.

No more Evoland, Corpse Party… It’s a bit too much to do all my hobbies.

Yet, I won’t quit my content creation. You’ll be able to read my stuff on my blog.

Thanks for everything and hopefully until a later date on my blog. 🙂


About NekoJonez

I'm a Dutch video game blogger. I play old and new games. On my blog I give my opinion and views on them. These are my personal views. I say what I think. I also talk about more then just games. I talk and discuss the gaming industry or elements of games. To get to know me better, you should come on my blog. :) Keep the most up to date with me on my twitter: Reviews, first impressions and more. Visit my blog: Besides blogging, I also act on stage, have a job in education, play games and study to become a better IT guy.
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