Publishing: $10,000 cash prize to celebrate launch of new game Days of Crime‏.

Personal note: I haven’t written this article. This article has been written by the guys over at HappyLatte. Since they are so supportive to me, I thought it would be fitting to publish their press release. Thanks again guys! I only edited the lay-out a bit to fit on my blog. If you want to read more about the game, look at the bottom! 


Win $10.000 in cash in gangster photo contest

WANTED: 1 photo – REWARD: $10,000 dollars

 Screenshot_2014-04-09-13-39-33$10.000 dollars in cash, that’s what mobile game developer Happylatte is putting on the table to celebrate the release of their new free to play game Days of Crime. Sending in a photograph in which you or one of your friends resembles a character from one of the five gangs in the game is sufficient to participate, but in order to take home the cash, creativity and originality are highly recommended.

“The game is a first person, real-time player versus player shooter on mobile,” says Oliver Bulloss, Senior Product Manager for Days of Crime. “Players take on opponents from around the world in short one on one duels and battle their way up to become the world’s most feared gangster.” He adds that fights take place in different locations around the world and characters can be customised to represent one of five main gangs: Triads, Bikers, Mercenaries, Streetz, and Mafia.

Bulloss continues with details on the $10,000 contest: “We wanted to do something different than an average advertising campaign to celebrate the worldwide release of the game. At the same time, we like people to be creative and make cool stuff around Days of Crime, so what better way than to just give out a pile of cash? And, even more importantly,” he adds with a smile, “a briefcase with ten thousand dollars is pretty gangster if you ask me.”

Screenshot_2014-03-11-14-01-51In order to participate in the competition, participants need to register their entry and Days of Crime player number through the contest website, which can be found on They then take and post one or more pictures publicly to Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #DaysofCrime . Submissions will be closed on June 8th 2014 and a jury from Happylatte will then select the best 50 pictures based on the most creative and “gangster” pictures. These will be put up for public vote from June 13th till June 22nd through the Days of Crime Facebook page and the winner with most public votes will take home the $10,000 in cash.

More info on the contest can be found here:

More info on Days of Crime can be found here:

About Days of Crime

Shoot, hustle and steal your way to the top and become the most powerful gangster in the world!

Real-time first person mobile duels where you choose your style, grab some guns and fight with gangsters all over the world. Collect cash and experience to level up and unlock awesome new weapons and items. Are you a quiet but deadly Triad or the loud and crazy Biker? With 5 different gangs styles to choose from you’ll find one that lets you unleash your inner gangster.Screenshot_2014-04-09-13-40-09

 About Happylatte

Founded in 2009, Happylatte is on a journey to build the perfect mobile game for the world; a game that packs intense social experiences into tiny screens, and delivers virtual worlds into your hand. Our games, Days of Crime, Pee Monkey and the #1 chart-busting title High Noon, are a “newfangled” blend of free-to-play and massively multiplayer social games that perfectly fits the modern mobile phones.

Happylatte is backed by Index Ventures in the UK, who are investors in (Candy Crush), SuperCell (Clash of Clans and Hay Day), Dropbox, Soundcloud and

Personal thoughts

Now, this is very interesting. This part is written by NekoJonez. I don’t have the time to enter this contest but I think it’s a great idea to publish your game.

Games that start with a stunt like this are remembered more easily than other games. Since those are forgotten quite easily.

One thing is for sure, it’s quite possible that I publish more things for them. And don’t worry, I won’t become a sell-out. I do a quality check of every press release that’s send my way. And I don’t publish things I don’t feel good about.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t worry, there is even a new article coming really soon.

And before we end, HappyLatte send me some interesting documentation of the game. If you’re interested, go ahead and read it!

DoC fact sheet – DoC Q&A

DoC press release


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