NekoJonez’s Question and Purrswer #2: 10 Questions make a long one!

#6: My favorite Zelda game and why? (Asked by Dark_Legend, a co-editor @ BSB and friend)

imagesA though question. The original Zelda game, man. For the evolution. The 2nd game, for the RPG elements and trying something new with the formula.

A Link To The Past, is a great work of art on the SNES. And then we got Link’s Awakening, a goofy handheld game. Then we have the game that nearly everybody picks as their favorite. And that’s the Ocarina Of Time. It’s good, but not my favorite. Majora’s Mask, I love the concept yet I hate the time thingy.

I haven’t played Four Swords, only the remake on the 3DS. And that was fun. The Wind Waker was a blast to play. And the Minish Cap is a gem of a GBA game. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are my favorite Wii titles. Also, A Link Between Worlds is a big game in my eyes.

Any Zelda fan will now notice that I skipped a Zelda game in the history here. I skipped the Oracle games. Oracle of Seasons and Oracle Of Ages. I linked my reviews of the games. Notice that I gave the both games nearly full marks. Because these two games are connected, and you need to finish both to get the true ending… I can pick both games as my true favorite.

The oracle games are the perfect Zelda game in my opinion. They split the formula right in the middle. With one game being the focus on fighting (Seasons) and the other on puzzle solving (Ages). Combined they deliver the greatest experience, thanks to the password system, your progress goes from one game to the other! This makes the world feel alive, which in terms make the game more fun to play.

And if you want to be “that guy” and make me pick one of the two, I’ll pick the Ages game. Since that’s the game that got me into the series!

#7: Which game do you want to see remade? (Asked by TheJohnCruz, a co-editor at BSB.)

His rule was only one game that could be remade. So, I can’t say a whole series. I was about to answer Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. Yet, I have read rumors of this being very possible. So, I decided to not pick that. Then I thought about it, over and over again. Which game would I love to see a remake of?

While it will depend on how the remake is made, I think I have an answer. Only if the game has additional content and bonus material besides the improved graphics and such… I think I’ll go for Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine. Oh yes. That game. This game got me actually into playing games in the first place. While it’s by no means my first game, it’s the first game I played over and over again. The sparked my love for adventure games. Games with a plot that takes you all over the place.

Since it doesn’t work correctly on my PC, I’m trying to hunt down the N64 port. Who knows, one day I’ll be able to play the game again, without any pesky glitches. But for now, I’ll have to live with the hope of a remake.

T-Shirt-Not-Now-Im-Busy-705334#8: Worst habit? (Asked by MiserySyndrome, a RL friend)

As for something in my personality …. procrastination. I’m kind of a bad planner. I either plan too much on one day or plan things too little. This caused me some trouble with exams.

While I’m working on solving this bad habit, I sometimes can’t stop myself from putting off something I promised. I even did it for this article! I wrote this in two days. And that’s not a good sign.

As for a bad habit, well… When I drink something while I’m playing games, writing articles, working on something … I tend to put all my empty bottles on a cabinet next to my desk. And they pile up, fast. And I get lazy to clean them up. Yeah. Bad habits.

#9: Modern Retro Games (Asked by Allahweh, a co-editor at BSB.)

It’s a well needed return to form. Honestly, I think a game like Minecraft has a lot to do with this. Minecraft brought the retro style to the mainstream public. Super Meat Boy and Fez are other examples. I love how indy games give off the retro game vibe.

At the other hand, I think this is a silly term. “Modern Retro Games.” You can ask yourself, how can a game be retro if it’s only released in eg.: 2014? And what makes a game give the retro vibe? 8 / 16-style graphics? Well, those games aren’t made since all these games throw “HD-graphics” in their advertisements.

Also, when does a game become a retro game? I linked an article I wrote in July where I tried to answer that question. After some thought, I think when it’s out of fashion, then the game is retro. When we moved on. Minecraft isn’t a retro game yet, since it’s still being worked on. Honestly, since there are still games coming out for the PS3, I don’t think you can call that console retro.

I honestly think that the term “modern retro games” is flawed. Since you can’t make a basic understanding of what a retro game is. Truth to be told, I think the term is personal. Because you need to say when you think something is out of style.

Yet, I do think it’s a great shift in the industry. We see now a lot more attention to the indy game developers. The studio’s that don’t have the resources or the budget to make stunning HD scenery and go for something that needs way less resources. This way the staff can put their souls into the game. Because of that, the game feels more polished and more fun.

I think it’s time to move on to the next question but this is an interesting subject to write a full article about. I’ll try to remember it. Or we could talk about it in a podcast.

#10: Final Question: AdSense? (Asked by Allahweh, a co-editor @ BSB)

It makes a lot of sense. Everybody can see the big networks earning lots of money. Okay, I have to admit something here. The big debate of “AdBlocker” is coming up. Now, some sites or eg YouTubers don’t earn as much because of it.

You could ask yourself the question why people block those ads. I think they were getting in the way. If you look to the internet without an adblocker, you can see some websites where you have an overload of ads. In every sidebar, on the top and on the bottom… There are ads for your pleasure.

Then they started tracking your behavior on the interwebs so they could put more relevant ads for you. This, I have no issue with. Since a gamer is more likely to click on an ad about games then one of the latest car. For example.

The biggest issue is that they kill the experience. When you want to do a marathon of your favorite YouTuber or you want to see a Let’s Play, you have to sit through an ad each and every video. Twice. And then they pop-up at the bottom while viewing. It’s overkill.

Because of that, I think it’s a good idea to share the AdSense revenue. I mean, the network helps you. You basically work for them. But be sure that you take a network that’s trustworthy. Don’t take a network that will die after a few years because they didn’t know what they started.

Bonus question / remarks:

FiyahKitteh: “Too many (s)he said jokes.” – That’s an oversight of me. That’s what I said. <= What he said.

AMGFail: “Bravely Default remark, I was distracted by other things.” – Don’t worry dude, I can relate.

Closing words

I want to thank everybody that asked me questions for this Q and P. I love answering these, since I feel like I’m interviewed and the rewarding feeling I get then from my blog is off the charts.

To avoid that these articles become to frequent, I don’t do them so often. But I think I’ll change that soon. I enjoy writing these too much. But I need to make sure I don’t run out of questions.

But yeah, thanks a bunch to everybody who asked questions. They were amazing this time around. I love questions where I can reply something about myself, my opinion as an entertainer / writer or my gaming life.

Want your question in the next Q and P?  ~ (Using a question of the Dark_Legend 😉 )

Then get in contact with me. Ask me ANYTHING! Surely, I’ll answer every one in the next article. Even if it goes over 50 questions! I’ll still answer them all.

I hope everybody got the reply they wanted. I tried to be creative in some of them. As usual.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. And hopefully until the next meeting.


2 thoughts on “NekoJonez’s Question and Purrswer #2: 10 Questions make a long one!

  1. With regards to “retro,” I specifically here meant basically something designed to capture the look and feel of an older game. A great example of this would be Mega Man 9 and 10, which while technically HD, still simulate a pixel resolution equal to the NES and try to keep the music in that range as well. Overall, the goal was to make a game that looked and felt like the older MM games from the 1980s and 90s. There are other games that try to capture the feel, while being original, such as “Two Brothers,” which looks and feels at times like a Game Boy game and then later like an SNES title. That one is a good one, by the way.

    For what I term “retro,” I tend to put an arbitrary cut-off on it, usually one of two conditions. Either the game itself was released at least 10 years ago (so, right now, 2004 and older) or the system it is on is at least that old. This is a sort of arbitrary cut-off, yet that’s what I use when it comes to selecting what games I will feature in the “Retro Play” series on Twitch and YouTube. It’s also a decent cut-off right now because games in that era were mostly standard definition, even if widescreen at 854×480, so it predates the HD days.

    Hopefully that sums it up decently enough? 🙂


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