E3 Thoughts.

After seeing all the conferences of E3, these are my thoughts.

Triple-a games can suck it (except Fallout 4 and MGSV).

That is all. Thank you, I’m going home…

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2 Responses to E3 Thoughts.

  1. Really. But E3 was interesting. Specially Final fantasy Remake. Woohooo. Best game ever.


    • MrLiamMills says:

      It was, I still had fun watching most of the conferences. I still maintain there’s little to lure me into buying a new console (PS4/XBO). Most of the games available are also available on PC, with the exception of No Man’s Sky: the only game on console I’m really keeping an eye on. As for FF, I’m happy for the fans, but I’ve never been one 😉


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