Quick Thoughts – Unacceptable Remaster

This will be very quick, as all I want to do is link to a different article. As I mentioned before in my previous posts here and here, part of what I think is wrong with the current generation of consoles, is the over abundance of remastered games.

Fresh of that same line are the Prototype remasters. Frankly, this is utterly unacceptable to be released. Eurogamer explains it in full, but in short, all they did to this “remaster” for the Xbox One is up the resolution from 720p to 1080p. No other visual enhancements. No better textures, lighting or LOD, nothing. And as evident by the videos, framerate is also unacceptable.

Please give it a read.



3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts – Unacceptable Remaster

  1. I’m tired of companies recycling games and putting no effort to boot. It’s funny how the last gen version of the games run smoother.


    1. It is, it absolutely is. These systems should be able to run this better. It’s clear they put absolutely NO effort into this. No visual upgrades or system optimisation or anything. It’s horrendously bad and I’m tired of it too. I don’t even understand how it can get such poor performance. There IS a PC-version of these games and the current consoles are basically PC hardware. It’s baffling…

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