Quick Announcement – The Next Step Forward

Hi everyone, I’d like to make an announcement.

Half a year ago, I joined NekoJonez in writing articles on his channel, something I very much enjoyed. A few months back, we announced some changes to our pages, but with both of us being rather busy, talks between us didn’t happen as often as they should have. Thus, not nearly as much as we hoped would change, has actually changed (especially on my end) as of now.

In the meantime, life has gone on and I have found a new outlet for my creativity, in which my cousin will join me. As such, I feel like my involvement with NekoJonez’ work is not as it should be. So because of that, and also because I’d like to focus on other endeavors, I have decided to leave this page and discontinue my writing.

The friendship between NekoJonez and I will continue behind the scenes.

I wish him the best of luck on this channel and to you all.



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