Gamer’s Thoughts/Rant: “So, you play game X?”


“Oh, you still play games? Grow up, man! Games are for young children or for people who have no life.” Have you ever said something like this or have you ever been on the receiving end of a question like this? There are a lot of statements that I get annoyed by in the gaming community and today I want to talk about some. Please, keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I’m not you. So, I invite you to tell me your opinions in the comments and/or give me suggestions for other questions to do another article like this. 

Before I begin

Now, in some cases, I’m going to talk in very general terms. And let me be clear on one thing. I’m not going to deny that there are edge cases for everything. Things like game addiction and compulsion do exist and are very real problems.

If games stop being a leisure activity and everything else needs to make way or room for a game, please seek help right away.

In addition to that, parents and friends, if you find any negative change in the behavior of your child, friend or loved one; please help him or her.

Also, in most of my arguments, I talk about the people who can still separate fact from fiction and/or aren’t struggling with game addiction.

“Games are just for little children or are for losers.”

I love turning the tables on arguments like this. I love to ask them if they enjoy watching sports. Technically, sport is also a game. If you follow the definition of what a game is, like the one by Kevin J. Maroney, where games are a form of play with goals and a structure. Well, then you can fit all sports in that definition.

So, if games are for kids, then explain to me why board games have age stamps like “for ages 3 AND UP”. And in addition to that, if games are for little children, why are games like Civilization and other strategy games so popular?

The “games are just for little kids” argument is so easily debunked if you simply watch to our community and how much money it brings in. So, please, if you are still convinced that games are for little kids, please explain to me why games aren’t for older people.

“But older gamers are people who don’t grow up or can’t let go of the past.”. Oh, please! If you give that argument, you have already lost the debate. I can give many arguments to point out the flaw in that statement. For example, there are a lot of extremely complex games on the market like Civilisation and Europa Universalis 4 who tend to be pretty complex to younger children. And if games would be created for younger children, why would they put effort into developing a game like that?

In addition to that, “can’t let go of the past.” Man, I hate that argument with a passion. So what, that I’m nostalgic? Why is that even an issue? I have grown up playing video games and I love playing games since it brings me back to my childhood or gives me new and interesting experiences.

Making the statement that games or for certain demographics of people. Please, don’t be so close-minded. It’s like saying that football (soccer) is only for men and ballet only for women. If you find enjoyment out of a certain hobby or profession, why would it matter which gender, age, nationality…. you are?

Making the statement: “Games are just for little children or are for losers.” just proves that you are ignorant and that you are pretty close-minded. So please, be a decent human being and don’t say things like this when you mean it.

People who play games sit all day in their room and do nothing else than stare at a screen.

And to be honest, so what? Is it a problem that we sometimes do nothing else than stare at a screen all day and play games all day? I’m sorry that I engage in an activity I enjoy in my free time.

But did you notice the keyword in the previous paragraph? “Sometimes.” While I’m not going to deny that there are people who devote their whole life to video games and do nothing else, the same can be said about people addicted to something else, like movies and books.

Take me for example. I see myself as a pretty big gamer. I play a lot of games in a week. But besides that, I fix people their computer, I work full time in the education sector, I’m part of a folk theater group… I can go on for quite a while, but I think you get the point.

To counteract this statement, I love to bring up the argument of mobile phone games. There is an extremely huge player base for those games and those are also being played by people who don’t really play games but have some time to kill on the bus, train or while waiting on the doctor.

But the best debunk for this is the issue of generalization. It’s like saying that every metal lover is an aggressive person and similar things like that. Nothing everybody is the same, and thankfully so.

Aggressive/the violence in games make your youth more aggressive and/or train them to be killers.

I’m going to keep this brief since this statement really boils my blood. But, I wanted to talk about this one for sure.

First, violent movies, violent books and such… why are they left out of the argument? Because they aren’t interactive? Or is it because games are the new kid on the block and haven’t got the respect that movies and books have?

Two, if a game is very violent or aggressive; shouldn’t you be the responsible parent and talk to your kids why they aren’t okay to play at their current age? Or at the “M for mature” or “18+” label just part of the artwork on the front cover? Why would Steam age-gate these games?

Three, while I’m not going to deny that there are people who are sensitive to violence and get introduced to these things by games, the same can be said for movies and other violence in media too. Thankfully, not everybody is like that and those people are a minority.

Four, isn’t it possible that the youth has another stress reliever? That they can vent all their frustration from their daily lives without harming a fly.

And my final point, there has been done quite a lot of research on this subject. And the results are quite divided. An interesting overview can be found in this amazing piece by TechAddiction:

“Nintendo games are for kids” / “PC is the master race and should be the only way to play” / …

If you say things like that to me, you will hear a heavy sigh. Let me first start with “Nintendo games are for kids.”.

First of all, family-friendly doesn’t mean “for kids”. A lot of Nintendo IPs are family-friendly and they might have a childish outlook, but they are far from that.

Secondly, if Nintendo games are childish, why do so many adults play games like Pokémon GO? They grew up on it and makes them nostalgic. Okay, sure. But, aren’t you generalizing here too much?

Thirdly, just this Reddit thread:

On that page, there are so many arguments why Nintendo games might seem childish but actually aren’t.

The other argument of “PC is the master race and should be the only way to play.” is such an easy one to debunk. Dear console gamers, do you actually realize what the definition is of a computer?

computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out arbitrary sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The ability of computers to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs, enables them to perform an extremely wide range of tasks.

Thank you, Wikipedia for that definition. The difference between your console and computer is the input device. That’s all. So, you are basically playing on a computer with a different shell and operating system. So, technically, computer gaming is the only thing that exists.

Oh oh, wait, I hear the PC elitist gamers already: “You can replace hardware in a console!” Oh yeah? You are sure about that? So, the manufacturer isn’t able to replace any broken parts when something breaks? Or the guides on iFixIt like this one: That is just a hoax?

Oh, and the other argument: “You can’t upgrade a console, so you are restricting the customer!” So. What. Some people don’t have the technical knowledge to do so anyway. Why stop them from buying a pre-built computer that can play games without having to maintain a lot of parts?

“You can build a very strong gaming computer for real cheap if you do the research.” If you do the research. You can also learn a new language if you do the research. You can do everything if you do a little research. If you are actually able to do it, it depends on your skills. I almost have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science – Networking. And let me tell you, there are people who don’t have the time to do the research nor the technical skills to actually put the research to use. For example, I’m not that good at writing code, I tried various times to educate myself on it but alas. If you don’t get the right guidance, this research can be a big issue.

“But there are many more games for the PC than for console.” And that’s a problem with PC gaming as well. Yes, I call it a positive and a problem. There are too many games and barely any quality control. It’s also a problem for game developers. Just try to get noticed in the vast sea of computer games.

“There are many more options and features like mods for the computer.” Okay, I give you that. But, it’s a problem as well. For example, as a developer, try to optimize a game for literally millions of different combinations of hardware. It’s an extremely difficult task.

Conclusion here: don’t be elitist about a certain gaming platform. I love playing games on as many different platforms. I also love portable consoles like the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch since they have something over computers. I’m on the go a lot and gaming laptops are either extremely expensive or too bulky to play on the train and such.

There is nothing wrong with saying that PC or console is better, but I do have a problem when people belittle others because their preferred platform of games is “better”. Just no. Let people play games the way they like. If it sells, people want it. If there is a better alternative, the market and consumer will find out.

Oh, and a shoutout to BulletBarry. While I don’t always agree with him, his Console Peasant Quote videos are just really well made.

In conclusion

I can ramble about things like this for hours. While sometimes, I wasn’t telling anything new, I do think that it’s important to educate yourself and have respect for everybody. Don’t belittle because somebody has a certain hobby! Also, don’t believe everything verbatim what the news tells you. Read up about it.

If you think all gamers are male, please talk with them. You will be pleasantly surprised that there are female gamers out there. If you think all metalheads have a beard and/are bald, please talk to metalheads. Don’t be close-minded either. Not everybody is the same, you know.

While you could say I’m biased towards games since I’m a pretty big gamer. I honestly think that isn’t a problem in this case. I think it’s good for us gamers that we can give our opinion on the subject you know?

In any case, I’m quite interested in the comments for this article. Remember, I’m the kind of person who is open to civil discussion and I’m always very understanding that not everybody thinks the same way. So, please, if you have something to say or ask, the comments are here.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to be able to welcome you in another article on my blog but until that time, take care and have a great rest of your day.


24 thoughts on “Gamer’s Thoughts/Rant: “So, you play game X?”

  1. Wonderfully written! I get a lot of flak from the older, closed-minded folks in my culture about my gaming habits. My response: “People, it’s a hobby that I enjoy on my spare time, it’s not my fault you got nothing better to do than be critical to others?” Usually shuts them up. 😂

    I also take great offense to those who complain that Nintendo is for kids. I admit I used to make those comments as a teenager, but I’ve since rescinded them after realizing that no, Nintendo games are far from being childish. They can be challenging as heck sometimes! Take for example Super Mario Odyssey; getting some of the latter Power Moons can be an absolutely brutal task to accomplish!

    Thanks for writing this! I gotta share this with others I know, maybe help change some minds, y’know?

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  2. Well I know what to say next time someone trys to make fun of me for playing video games. Anyway great read and I feel the reason why people say such things is because they aren’t educated on such things. I think some people are in the mind set that video games are toys. And once upon time yes if you went to a big box store that’s exactly where video games would be. But they have evolved so much that you are just stupid if you try to make fun of someone just because they play a video game. Another point I want to touch on is violence in games. I feel right now video games is where gangsta rap once was that it makes kids violent, promotes violence and it makes me so mad when I hear that. That’s just coming from people who once again don’t know anything about them and need to be educated on them before making such accusations. Gaming is my passion and I will not let people bash my passion without saying something right back to them. Once again great read and I always enjoy your work. Don’t be shy and holla at cha boy 2TALL!👍

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  3. I did indeed play and review a game called X. It was a Game Boy game made by Nintendo that was pretty ambitious for its time.

    Otherwise, I’m kind of surprised how seldom I get the “Oh, you play games? Grow up” attitude, though some of that might be explained by where I live; here, anyone throwing out that accusation would be dubbed a hypocrite immediately.

    I’ll say what I did when I reviewed The Stanley Parable: pointing out that gaming enthusiasts do nothing but stare at a screen while pushing buttons isn’t any more insightful than pointing out that readers perceive words printed on a page in a specifically arranged order or that moviegoers stare at frames of a reel accompanied with sound and music. Yes, it’s what those activities entail, but the masterful ones make you forget you’re doing that.

    If anything, I find Nintendo games have one up on a lot of the AAA industry when it comes to maturity. The rest of them often feature protagonists that wouldn’t feel out of place in nineties comic books, and as any hardcore fan would tell you, “mature” is the last word anyone would use to describe them.

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      1. If anything, I find that certain silent protagonists have more of a personality than the generic, cookie-cutter, crew cut-wearing action games leads that were borderline ubiquitous in the early-to-mid 2010s Western AAA scene. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

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        1. A silent character is something you have to pull off right. Also, projection is a thing. I think its easier to project yourself into a character you can control instead of one thats controlled for you.


  4. Good stuff, and I agree with all of this. I actually haven’t really encountered the “games are for kids, grow up” angle for a long time now, but I get crap from a different angle: I’m into Japanese games (as my site will attest) so I’m frequently hit with “ugh, that’s so sexist, you’re a perv, you’re a paedophile”.

    The 400+ articles on my site explaining exactly how there is a lot more to even the most provocative-looking games generally shuts them up. 🙂

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    1. Exactly. Due to culture differences, things can be seen in the wrong light extremely quickly. Also, its not like our western games are spared from risque elements. Like Hot Coffee Mod.

      To be honest, while sometimes I find somethings a bit distasteful in both Western and Japanese games. But, I am glad that they are created. As long as they dont go overboard with it, I am find with it.

      I could write a whole other rant about Japanese games being sexist and such, but for real… anything can be seen sexist if you look hard and long enough. And again, its not like us western games get a free pass on this. Culture differences man.

      Thanks for the comment and I will check out your site in the near future.


  5. Great stuff Jonez! I don’t have those type of conversations very often because I’m too shy to get into them. E.g. when my boss asks me what I did at the weekend, I say “nothing much”, but what I actually did was get further enthralled by a game that I love and have been playing for upwards of 100 hours – to me that really means something and is important, but I find myself putting up walls when talking about my hobbies as I know people (at work for example) don’t think playing a game can possibly be as culturally significant as, say, watching a film or reading a book. It’s a shame as it often makes me feel a bit isolated. Even my Dad said to me the other day “Isn’t Donkey Kong for kids?”, I was shocked he would say that because he’s the one that got me into gaming in the first place! I just turned to him and said “No Dad, it’s for everyone”.

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    1. Exactly. I am glad games are slowly but surely getting more and more accepted in our culture. I think in a generation or two, these statements will be a thing of the past. I actually said at my job I am a gamer and I am not ashamed of it, if people then say those things I invite them to convince me why its for kids, and I have extremely rarely a hard time proving them wrong. I am happier if they say, I am not interested then the say, are you doing something that is for kids.

      Thanks for the compliment.

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  6. This. This a thousand times yes. I have gotten the comment “Video games are for little kids, grow up” so much, purely because I enjoy playing video games, and especially Final Fantasy XIV Online, and from my own parents, sadly. So what if I like playing it? It makes me happy, I have friends who, even though they are online friends, they share my interests. I relate to them, and can talk to them about anything and everything. So no, video games are not for little kids. They are for everyone, regardless of age, and they are for enjoyment. I don’t revolve my life around it solely, I have priorities too. Video games are a source of de-stress for me, whether from work or school. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve been yelled at and told to stop playing and grow up.

    Thank you Jonez, for writing about this.

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  7. Alright, let’s get this off before I begin digging down through memory lane and exactly what my opinion is about these statements. Your article here is greatly written and goes well into why you stand at the firm decisions you have taken against each of these statements presented. So, simply said is I quite enjoyed reading this and would have loved to talk about something like this with you over at Gaming Gripes.
    Neverthless, let us begin with this, but prepare that I might sound a little weird on this.

    The fact that “media” is pointing out that we as gamers are aggressive, violent and prone to do acts of crime. Is as you say bonkers…since it has been proven time and time again that we probably have one of the biggest communities in which good things are happening. For crying out loud, there are developers in the technological aspect that makes it possible to play games if you have handicap or have been injured in a way that makes it impossible to play your favorite games. Not only that, but we also make some of the biggest donations to charities around the world, almost rivaling the wealthiest people on the planet…just to help in a good cause so children suffering from cancer, people in the army, people suffering from diseases or have impairments, can have a chance to do enjoy a good experience and maybe meet new people that become lifelong friends…I don’t think I can say anymore about that here.

    Which then makes me want to point out at something that can relate to many of your pointers that you used in your article Jonez. A fascinating thing I have seen from people in my family, friends and even just by walking around town where sometimes you get a glimpse through their windows. The one thing you see often is people are “watching” something on a big giant screen that can either be news, sports, tv-shows, series, live concerts etc. etc. Here I’m just pointing out from a comic I once read where the kid’s mom bursts into his room, shouting about how he should be doing something better than wasting his time on a video game, to which she goes downstairs and watches TV where the news anchor is talking about things that doesn’t matter, yet she is glued to the screen and that is shown to be okay, while the kid must walk outside to play instead.
    When we hear about these things, it’s just because they got the information from somewhere else without researching more into it, just to see how much of it is true anyway. So while it gives drama and a lot views (all for that view count am I right?), it just goes to show that our generation, the next generation, our parent’s generation and even older than that…had something that they were hooked on and have made a habit of continuing.

    Because that is what we humans are, simple creatures of habit that even though we go on adventures, read about books, play games, watches movies and get an experience to a different world. We in the end all return to our safe zone as a mindless zombie, continuing the same habit and therefore not moving on from there.

    “PC is the ultimate masterrace, bow before the righteous infedel!” (that is what I imagine they say).
    This is pretty common to hear, yes the PC is a titan against simple consumables of smart devices, consoles, smart tv and laptops. So what? Everything in this day and age is made on the PC, does that mean we should watch movies on the PC instead of going to the cinema on release date? Should we maybe read our books and newspapers on the PC instead of a physical copy instead? Should we only play games on something that doesn’t give the freedom to play as you travel?…..NO!!!!
    I’m sick and tired of hearing this bullsniffling (sorry, will not curse, even though I have an easy tendency to do it. Keeping it civil) argument being put out. Most of my friends even play only on the PC because they see it as the only place to play games online with each other, that is correct for the most part but I also believe that the consoles offer a better couch experience where friends can sit together and play a game.

    Does the PC have better equipment? Of course it does, it’s through that we even get to experience games and all other types of media content. Is it a better platform? Well it depends on you as a person and what you value.
    Is the PC the best place to play video games? No, not only is it that a fault in a statement, it doesn’t hold up. Why not enoy the different experiences that different platforms bring? I have a 3DS XL, an iPad, a smart phone, two GameBoys, a PSP 1000, PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 Pro…and even then I still am aiming for the Switch, the WiiU, the Xbox One (or when the next one comes out), the PSVita and many of the old school machines that are being brought out. Why is that exactly? Because they are exclusive to those and have a different way of being played, by yourself or others.

    I could honestly ramble on forever about this, but in all honesty. It’s a minority when we hear about stuff in the news, the thing about violence and such is just the media trying to get drama spreaded amongst the public. The thing with the PC is just something I wish could die out already and from there let people enjoy what they enjoy. My apologies for the long comments that I have no idea how long a word count it is.

    Stay Cozy and keep up the good work mate!

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  8. The PC vs console thing cements to me a bit, not so much because I’ve had to deal with people belittling me about playing one over the other, but as you stated, when you’re doing things at work like fixed other computer problems, sometimes you’re too exhausted or don’t have the will to do the same to play some PC games. I’ve recently hit a bad stretch of this that had me lose a bunch of valued screenshots from games because I was forced to re-formated just to fix some silly windows update issue that kept popping up mid game in steam.

    Even now, I have been playing ME andromeda and have taken so many beautiful screenshots of the planet views and such, and want to feature them in a post. But guess what? the damn Xbox DVR screenshot thing built into windows 10 put holes or some weird stuff in all the best screen shots!! If you take the screen shot and put a layer of some color behind it, that colour shows up through all the holes. I can’t easily fix this as the colours missing seem to be all over the place.

    It seems my only issue with PC is that is all has to live within Windows usually, and I have no problems playing PC exclusive games, or other games on PC, or using steam, or keyboard/mouse vs controllers. I just have beef with windows now…

    At the end of the day, and being older now and just having limited time to game, I really value the time I have and don’t want to waste it troubleshooting a device in order to play a game optimally right now. It can be a fascinating thing to do if you are curious about all the moving virtual parts and such, but sometimes I just want something to work and just relax and enjoy me some video games.

    The other argument I’ve seen thrown around is the whole power of PC vs consoles. Lately this has become a none issue, simply because the consoles we have now may not be the strongest things out there, but they are hella efficient, and the software and OS’s that live inside them are designed so well it seems. Not to mention, developers are optimizing things greatly to. I’ve read some great things about far cry 5 running great on old hardware, and don’t get me started on the Nintendo Switch and how that tiny thing is pumping out some marvelous looking and running games.

    Good write up. Alot of these are things I have strong opinions on, but the PC one just had me ramble on as you can see.

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