Secret Santa For Everwake’s Internet Adventures

secret-santa-logo-1LaterLevels and LightingEllen have something special going on. They organized a secret Santa event for a group of bloggers. You can read the details of the event in the linked posts, but here is the gist of it. Basically, you have to write a promotional article with a fictional gift that you want to give to the blog you get assigned. So, today I’m going to reveal that I’m writing this gift article for Everwake’s Internet Adventure. 

Who is Everwake Internet Adventures?

Everwake is a blogger who started writing on August 1st of this year. At the time of writing this article, the Internet Adventures are told through 61 posts. Most of these posts talk about the adventures in MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft and EverQuest II.

At the moment, Everwake doesn’t have a lot of internet presence. I was unable to find a Twitter account or Facebook page. This is a real shame in my opinion since the writing style is well done. An article I really liked was the Good News vs. Bad News one. A special update article where Everwake gave a piece of good news and then a piece of bad news and then again a piece of good news…

You might have noticed that I’m avoiding talking about Everwake’s gender. That’s because I simply don’t know. But, that shouldn’t matter since the writing on Everwake’s Internet Adventures is superb.

This blog was started because Everwake wanted to write more while creating a website. I think that the goal is more than accomplished. So far, Everwake has written more articles than I have written in 2019. In August, 31 articles have been published. This is quite a crazy feat, and it makes me remember December 2017. In that month, I was crazy enough to accomplish the same feat but instead of doing it over a month, I did it in as good as two weeks. Writing so frequently asks a lot out of somebody who wants to create a webpage and the passion for entertaining the readers is quite clear. Otherwise, you wouldn’t write so much.

My gift

Now, I had a hard time coming up with a gift. While the idea of this secret Santa event is that I give an item or a fictional item to the blogger I got assigned, I think I’m going to bend the rules a tiny bit.

Both Everwake’s and my blog are about the adventures we have throughout our lives. Mine focuses on my gaming life and Everwake’s blog focuses on his life in (online) games.

So, I thought it might be a fun idea that I give some friendly advice to improve the Internet Adventures and also giving my readers some interesting advice for bloggers. Now, let me be clear! This isn’t a review of the website at all. It’s just a veteran writer who is writing for 10 years giving some friendly advice to a newcomer.

I’m just using this event to write an article that gives advice or a personal view on things… A bit like LaterLevels does sometimes. And I’m going to do it in the style in one of my favorite articles of Everwake. Good things vs Bad things. Ready? Let’s go!

Good thing: The name and branding potential of Everwake’s Internet Adventures are huge. Apart from a webcomic and a song, there isn’t a lot of things that pop-up when you Google the name…

Bad thing: … but, this branding potential isn’t used. I think with the right use of tags, logos, and artwork, this blog might shine even more than it is now.

Good thing: The blog’s theme is quite consistent. Everwake talks in almost every post about MMORPG’s and sometimes about other games.

Bad thing: But, I think the blog misses categories of some sort. What if I wanted to read all posts about Ultima Online? I think a little bit of organization of the posts would go a far way.

Good thing: Everwake gives a monthly update about the goals Everwake has for the blog and the games that he/she wants to play. Something I could learn from since I only write update articles once every few months and in most cases, I just talk about the changes in my life.

Bad thing: Now, something that Everwake could learn from me is the use of site features. I think a contact page, about me page and things of those nature, would improve the website a lot.

So, I really think that this blog is a great read. If only Blogger allowed easy subscriptions to websites so I get every new post in the mail, I would be able to follow the blog better.

Since I really enjoy reading the adventures of Everwake but due to my busy life I’m unable to keep tabs on various websites. So, if that would change, I would follow Everwake in a heartbeat.

So, I’m going to keep Everwake’s blog bookmarked. I’m quite interested in MMORPG’s but I rarely play them. This way I might get more into the genre and who knows, I might even give one of the MMORPG’s a try. And maybe a sort of review collab can happen. Who knows? One thing is for sure, if you enjoy reading my blog, you’ll get a kick out of Everwake’s Internet Adventures for sure!

With that said, I’m going to wrap up this article. If you want to read the article that my secret Santa wrote for me, I might reblog it or post about it on my Twitter. So keep an eye on that for sure.

And as usual, it’s time for my closing off phrases. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to be able to welcome you in another article but until then, have a great rest of your day and take care!

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