So, you want to send something to my inbox? Suggestions on how to improve or ideas for reviews? Fan mail?

How lovely. Fill in this contact form and I’ll get right back at ya.

I do take requests. If you are a developer, and you want your game tested, feel free to drop me a mail. I gladly write an article about  (a review copy of) your game. And if you have special wishes, that’s nothing. Everything to make a great article for these kinds of chances.

Also, if you are looking for somebody to test your game and give feedback on it, I’m here for you. I enjoy playing new games and giving feedback to the developers.

I’m only interested in requests about games or game related services. I only promote services I believe in myself.

My mail is jonez @ (remove the spaces. I did that to avoid spambots flooding my inbox and missing precious mails from you guys :).) I’m also quite active on my Twitter page.


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