Dear reader, visitor

With this page, I want to clearly state what I want to allow and what I don’t want to allow with the content written on “NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog”.

As you can see, there is a DMCA protection banner on the side of my blog. This means that I, NekoJonez, own the rights to all written content of this website.

All screenshots used of games are owned by their respective owners and are used in terms of fair use in the articles. If you feel like I misused or abused YOUR content, feel free to use my contact page to get in contact with me. I’m not a difficult kind of person and I’ll make adjustments where needed.

So, if you want to publish my contents of parts of them on your own blog, please following the following rules. These might get updated, and if they are, the change log you find at the bottom of this page.

Things I allow:

  • Quoting parts of my article with either proper credit or asked in advance.
    • With proper credit I mean, say that I said it and link back to the original article/my blog.

Things I don’t allow:

  • Copying (almost) full articles and posting them on your own blog without permission.
  • Copying (almost) full articles and posting them on your own blog without permission, and claiming them as yourselves.

If I find any content that infringes my rights, I’ll first try and make contact with you. If that fails, I will make a DMCA Take Down to get the content taken down.

Please if you want to use my content, give proper credit AND link back to the original work.

If you find anything that infringes your rights, contact me. I’m always open to work something out.

Thank you for reading


Date last update: 5-1-2018

Changes made: Initial publish