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Top 10 games I played in 2013

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Can video game violence make the world a safer place?

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NekoJonez Update Blog (Arpil 2014)

NekoJonez Update Blog (May 2014)

My top 25 DS games of all time (25 – 20)

My top 25 DS games of all time (19 – 11)

My top 25 DS games of all time (10 – 1)

My top 10 GBA games (10-6)

My top 10 GBA games (5-1)

Quick update: busy times

Quick update: new blog (MrLiamMills)NekoJonez’s reply (new series)

E-Sports: what’s the big deal?

Rest in Peace, Iwata

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Follow-up: NekoJonez’s Blogging Future

My top 10 Wii games (10-6)

My top 10 Wii games (5-1)

2016 – I’m looking forward to you.

2015 – A look back

What do games mean to me? – Why do I collect games?

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NekoJonez’s October 2016 update

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Top 10 Games I played in 2016 (10 – 6)

Top 10 Games I played in 2016 (5-1)

More rambling about blogging (I have to play a new game every week, professional or not?)

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NekoJonez’s February 2017 update

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San Diego Comic-Con Official Screening “ART OF THE GAME: Ukiyo-e Heroes”

NekoJonez’s July 2017 update

My dream con


$10,000 cash prize to celebrate launch of new game Days of Crime!

The wild west just got wilder.

Gamers to battle sleep in 72-hour charity challenge

The Legend of the Dark Witch releases on the Vita

Is that Pacman’s Liver you are wearing?

A look at survival games – An infographic.

Pocket Knights 2 Global Pre-Registration is Now Live!

Ethan’s Mini Marathon: 16-hour challenge for SpecialEffect

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure releases on the Vita

Polara is now available on PSN Store

Pocket Knights 2 New Version 0.7.0 Is Coming

Publishing: 50 Best Bows and Crossbows in Video Games – Precis 1

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