On this page you can find an overview of all the games I have reviewed on my blog. In my reviews I try to take a honest and fair look to a game. I look past the “need for amazing graphics”. The most important thing to me is the story, gameplay and atmosphere. While my reviews aren’t long, I try to keep them “bit-sized”. This way you can quickly read them before you decide to play or buy a game.

Also, when you want your game reviewed on my blog, please go ahead and contact me using my contact page! I will mail you back as soon as I see your mail. Also, I refuse reviewing games that get payed to get a good review.

So, there is a meaning at the score I give a game. I touch sometimes upon it in the review.

If I give a game a score between 0 – 30: that means that the game isn’t good. I also don’t see any audience enjoying the game.

If I give a game a score between 30 – 50: this means that the game wasn’t fun for me. Or that the game still need(ed) some work to be enjoyable.

If the game gets a score between 50 – 60: then the game is pretty mediocre in my eyes.

If the game receives a score between 60 – 70: the game is okay, I have played better games or I expected more from it.

If the game ends up with a score between 70 – 80: the game is good, but there are some elements that weren’t much fun.

If the game gets a score between 80 – 90: this game is very good. Apart from some minor mistakes, I enjoyed it the whole way through.

If the game gets a score between 90 – 99: the game is nearly perfect.

And finally, if I give a game the full 100/100, that means that the game is one of my favorite games ever made. This doesn’t mean that the game is perfect. Every game has it’s flaws. But the full marks means that I enjoyed it (way too much).


Alan Wake

Alan Wake – American Nightmare

Bioshock Infinite

CSI: Hard Evidence



Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine

Legend Of A Ninja: A Shadow To Remember

Lili: Child Of Geos


Path of Exile

the Stanley Parable

Tomb Raider



Pokémon Blue, Red & Yellow

Pokémon – Gold, Silver & Crystal

The Legend Of Zelda –  Link’s Awakening

Gameboy Color

The Legend Of Zelda – Link’s Awakening DX

The Legend Of Zelda – Oracle Of Ages

The Legend Of Zelda – Oracle Of Seasons

Gameboy Advance

Barbie – Secret Agent

Nicktoons – Battle For Vulcano Island

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire & Emerald

The Legend Of Zelda – Minish Cap

The Sims 2


999: 9 People 9 Hours 9 Doors

Ace Attorney – Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 – Prosecutor’s Path (English Patched)

Club House Games – 42 All-Time Classics

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Playmobil Interactive – Top Agents

The Legend Of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass

The Legend Of Zelda – Spirit Tracks

Time Hollow


Fantasy Life

James Noir’s Holleywood Crimes

Kirby Planet Robobot

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destenies

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Gates To Infinity

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokemon X & Y

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright

Stella Glow

Tomodachi Life

The Legend Of Zelda – Link Between Worlds

Virtue’s Last Reward


1001 Attempts


2 Player Reactor


Adventure Birds


Airport Scanner

Beastie Bay

Bitcoin Billionare

Brain Dots


Buttons and Scissors

Card Game

Choice Of The Dragon

Color Net

Flow Free

Flow Free: Bridges

Fury Racing 3D Real Speed


Line Puzzle

Lost Keys

Mine To Escape


Strange Adventure

Super Kid Cannon

Vlogger Go Viral

Wedding Escape

Word Crush: Hidden Words!


Corpse Party

Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows


Escape From Monkey Island


Papo & Yo


Mad Max


Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

Wii U

Rayman Legends


Kirby Epic Yarn

Kirby’s Return To Dreamland