Partners and friends

These are other blogs I think are worth to take a look at. If you want to know more about them, click on their links and send them some love.



One day I was invited to join the ButtonSmashers Blog. And I have written various articles for them. This cool gaming website mixes the old-school with the new school.

They also have an amazing podcast, where I appeared on several times as a guest. I really enjoy working with them. Also, several people from BSB’ll appear in my video’s. But they won’t write any articles here on Arpegi. Why not? Simply because I look at this as my personal blog. So, I only write on this blog.

When you fancy a free game, this is the place for you. Giveaways from sponsors are often present here. Oh yeah, they also talk about anime a lot too.

This website is like my forum, a family. Recommend to follow if you want to stay up to date with the latest gaming news but when you also want to read something about the past.

PS: I’m still a guest writer there.

Main site:

Games Like Zone

GamesLikeZone Logo

On this gaming blog you can find different lists about various subjects. While at first, you might think that this is a boring idea… It’s totally not. The title of the blog proves that. “Game Like Zone” is a blog where you can find related games. Like, if you played game X, this blog has a list of games you might enjoy as well.

It’s a very nice concept and I highly recommend you guys & girls to check them out!


Later Levels


Later Levels is a pretty cool website that writes articles about anything game related. If you want to read more opinion based articles on the video game industry, take a look at this website. But that’s one of the many reasons I can think off to advise you to take a look at this site!




If you want to read more recent gaming news about every system, look no further than this blog. What I like about this blog are the short yet very enjoyable articles! Oh, there are also reviews and articles about more than just gaming. So check this blog out!




If you enjoy reading articles where a gamer talks about how games are designed and things like that, this blog is right up your alley. Also, this blog looks at old and new games. So, it’s somewhat similar to my blog as well. Also, beware the addictive nature of the rambles on this blog! I recommend them since I often enjoy reading through the old and new articles on this blog.


The Well Red Mage

The well red mage.png

The people over at The Well-Red Mage are great people. I often read their articles with great amusement. They developed a lore for their website and it’s pretty great. If you want to read articles about old and new games, this blog is a great one to visit. But, there are more reasons I can recommend them. Just check their blog out and you will find out for yourself. Also, they interviewed me, how fun that was!


Shinju Forest

If want every in-depth look at games from Japanese origins, I can recommend this blog without any shred of doubt in my mind. This blog even provides some translations of Japanese manuals.

This blog features retro games and newer games. I can’t recommend this blog enough! Just check this one out!





A retro game collector, podcaster and gamer? I mean, what do you need more? I met him through Twitter, and he is awesome to check out. I like all his podcasts and I might be a guest one day.



Steam was down one day and this French YouTuber and I started talking on Twitter. It was a nice time. He also favorited my stream page and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped by. Worthy of a mention! Go check out his YouTube channel and if you are French, or understand it… It’s worth subbing!




This girl is an amazing YouTuber and Let’s Player-worthy to go and check out. She plays the games that she wants and not the ones that all YouTubers play. From indy Steam games to classic old school games. I met her just the other day through Twitter and her love for cats is amazing. :3

She is worthy to have a spot on this page along with the other amazing people! And she said that she is going to link my site on her site. So check her out!

She also makes some nice things, so check out her shop.

All her links and contact info can be found here:

And her website:

Want a spot here?

Yes, you read it right. Do you want to be a part of this list? Well, that’s possible! Just send me a PM with your links and such. When a friendship starts to happen, I’ll add your link here. But be warned, I don’t simply place links here just for the sake of advertisement. Those links will be removed. On here you’ll find people that support me or Arpegi. People that I think are good to have a spot here.

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  3. mrceng says:

    I need a partner as well, got interested?

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