Partners and friends

Here is a list of my blogger friends. They are all worth a visit! You want your site here too? Just talk to me and I’ll add you.



A website full of articles, podcasts and videos about anything geek related. I have written for this website in the past and they are all cool lads. Go and check them out, okay?

Later Levels

Later Levels logo version 2

It all started with me joining in the Question of the Month articles, and from there a friendship grew. Seriously, check this site out. You won’t regret it. On this blog you will find more than just reviews, you will find a discussion about gaming and gaming culture.



When you are interested in reading a similar blog concept to mine but you want more recent games and also other entertainment media sprinkeled in? Look no further than Drakulus’ site.




If you enjoy reading articles where a gamer talks about how games are designed and things like that, this blog is right up your alley. Also, this blog looks at old and new games. So, it’s somewhat similar to my blog as well. Also, beware the addictive nature of the rambles on this blog! I recommend them since I often enjoy reading through the old and new articles on this blog.

The Well Red Mage

The well red mage.png

The people over at The Well-Red Mage are great people. I often read their articles with great amusement. They developed a lore for their website and it’s pretty great. If you want to read articles about old and new games, this blog is a great one to visit. But, there are more reasons I can recommend them. Just check their blog out and you will find out for yourself. Also, they interviewed me, how fun that was!

Shinju Forest

If want every in-depth look at games from Japanese origins, I can recommend this blog without any shred of doubt in my mind. This blog even provides some translations of Japanese manuals.

This blog features retro games and newer games. I can’t recommend this blog enough! Just check this one out!

Adventure Rules

I seriously love the theme of his blog. The MS-Paint looking drawing add so much charm in the articles. Each month, there is something special to see on his blog, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look!


On this blog you will not only find articles where Chris talks about his thoughts, you will also find written out let’s plays of games. You really should take a look at his blog, since I enjoy his articles quite a lot.


I’m personally very interested in people who are able to do things with computer science that I can’t. Doing coding and robotics is one of those things. He takes a look at different robotic packs you can find and buy online. He even provides fixes for the code if they aren’t working. He also does more, he does his own robotics and VR projects and talks about a lot more. Seriously, go and take a look over at his blog.



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  3. mrceng says:

    I need a partner as well, got interested?


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