Quick Announcement: I’m sick.

imagesThis might be one of the shortest blogs I’ll ever publish. But I want to let you Neko’s know that I’m sick, and things make me extremely busy. But since I’m here, I’ll quickly talk about what that means for the future. 

Personal work

I’m missing two days of college because of this stupid cold I currently have. So my weekend will be filled with writing reports, making summaries and finishing up assignments. Studying basically.

I also need to clean up my room. Since it’s getting a bit messy. Bottles of water everywhere, pillows and other things are those I have to clean up.

And I also have to send mails and such to my professors to inform them I’m sick.


The video’s I have planned, like Dream Chronicles 2 – Episode 1 & Corpse Party – Episode 4, will be delayed. My voice sounds terrible and the coughing wouldn’t do the quality any good.  Any sadly enough I don’t have any pre-recorded footage to use now.

But I might do some minor updating of my channel here and there like that description update I have been planning for so long now.

For blogs, I can’t write any good content now. My focus is off and this blog asked a lot of me. So, expect new articles when I’m healed.

Closing off

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a healthy day. I’ll focus on healing and catching up. I hope you all can understand. I hope that I can welcome you soon again with new content, since this sickness is no fun.