BSP S2E7 (Boner Control)

Hello again ladies and gentlemen we are back after a long break for podcasting. The BSP has been through some changes some of which you will find out about as the season continues but do not worry the show should be back to a regular schedule. This weeks Podcast featured our a New member to the Button Smashers Family, a awesome bloke by the name of NekoJonez.  Neko is a New writer with the BSB and is a capable gamer you can expect to read some great articles from him in the future.  I will like to thank both my co-hosts Shellz and Rai for their continued epicness as well as Neko and the rest of the Button Smashers editing and Viewer Family.

This weeks topics cover steam and the new found support it is receiving from unexpected third parties, as well as custom maid 3-D and Nintendo’s Region lock stance. Ok stop reading this already and listen to the podcast :D

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