On this page, you find series I have archived for one reason or another.


I rarely write tutorials in the first place. In the past, I wanted to challenge myself and start writing tutorials. But because I didn’t find any other things to write tutorials about and because I wanted to focus my blog mostly on gaming; I decided to archive the tutorials on my blog.

How to install games/guest additions on Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Stories – The Aware Character

This was extremely short-lived on my blog. I wanted to get back into writing novels and fantasy stories. Now, this was just before I decided to completely focus my blog on gaming and my life in gaming. When I made that decision, I felt that writing stories like this didn’t fit the style of my blog anymore so I decided to archive the series.

Season 1: The Discovery of the Generic Tales.

Chapter 1: The Old Plot

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Anger and the Doorbell

Game Diary

In this series of articles, there is one goal. I have hidden ten game titles in a story. Can you recognize them all?

I stopped writing this series because I didn’t find it fun nor interesting to write anymore. It’s as simple as that. I had to force myself to write an entry in this series. So yeah. That’s why I decided to archive it.

Game Diary #1: NES

Game Diary #2: GBA

Game Diary #3: Nintendo DS

Game Diary #4: PSP

Game Diary #5; Gameboy and Gameboy Color


One of my biggest hobbies is writing stories. When I have an idea for a “creepy” story, I try to write them. I publish the ones I’m most proud of. My attempts at creepypastas are on this page for you to read… Well, the links anyway.

For the same reasons then archiving the stories and the tutorials, I decided to archive the creepypastas. I wanted to completely focus my blog on my gaming life and I felt that the creepypastas didn’t fully fit my vision.

You should have been playing.

Do you believe it?

Player 2 is missing  – Blog version


In 2013 & 2014, I also wrote for the ButtonSmashers website. On this page, you can find the articles I wrote for them.

I think that the reason why I archived this should be clear. Because I’m not an editor for the ButtonSmashers anymore, I don’t think that it needs a series on my blog.


My first article on BSB.

Minecraft 1.7 Preview


Hiroshi Yamauchi, why?

Special Editor Podcast: NekoJonez episode 1

My least favorite games

Promotional article for my special article.

Nintendo MiiPlaza v3.0: What I want to see.

Gamer’s Thoughts: BSP Special – 10 facts about the Gameboy and Gameboy color.


Podcast S2E7

Spring Anime 2014 podcast

BSP 5.5: Arpegi Intermission

BSP S3E14: is digital gaming bad for the industry?