Gamer’s Thoughts

Gamer’s Thoughts

Something I think about certain questions and subjects like everybody does. In this series, I write about my thoughts I have/had about that subject. I try to make these articles like a sort of column in the newspapers or an opinion piece.


The curse of a critic (part 1)

The curse of a critic (part 2)

Game Genres: The sense and the nonsense

Visual Novels (Part 1)

What games do you play?

8th Gen thoughts: Part 1Part 2

A little ramble about blogging (Why do I blog about games, Spoilers in articles, Why a tablet is such a good tool for bloggers)

How do I write first impressions and reviews

Should you review games when played on the highest settings?

Can you review a game twice?

Should a creator stick to a certain generation?

Why RollerCoaster Tycoon ruined other Tycoon games for me.

Gamer expos and conventions

Games are a waste of time?

From idea to article

Are retro games too hard?

Buying advice for a gaming desktop/laptop

My favorite Zelda dungeons

MekaMon – Robotics

Reboots & Remakes (podcast with Get Good Gaming)

Giving out Blogging Advice

General tips to start collecting

Gaming Style & reviewing – Should a reviewer be good at games?

Super Mario Odyssey isn’t a perfect game.

NekoJonez VS his backlog

Difficulty in games

The Meta Skill


Introduction: Rom hacks

Pokémon Spin-offs