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I started to write this blog about my gaming journey since 2013. That means that there are a lot of games and topics covered on this blog. Personally, I want to avoid talking about the same game twice. So, that’s one of the reasons why I’m creating this overview page.

But, it also has another reason. It’s also meant as a sort of general information page where I can talk about things like how I score games in reviews or things of that nature. It’s also an amazing history page.

Did you notice a mistake? Or is something missing on this page? Feel free to contact me via my contact page. I’m always open for feedback.

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Reviews & first impressions

About reviews/scores

On this page, you can find an overview of all the games I have reviewed on my blog. In my reviews, I try to take an honest and fair look at a game. I look past the “need for amazing graphics” or “has all the latest mechanics”. The most important thing to me is the story, gameplay, and atmosphere.

Also, when you want your game reviewed on my blog, please go ahead and contact me using my contact page! I will mail you back as soon as I see your mail. Also, I refuse to review games that get paid to get a good review.

So, there is a meaning to the score I give a game. I touch sometimes upon it in the review. So, here is a score chart.

A score between 0 – 30: that means that the game isn’t good. I also don’t see any audience enjoying the game.
A score between 30 – 50: this means that the game wasn’t fun for me. Or that the game still needs some work to be enjoyable.
A score between 50 – 60: then the game is pretty mediocre in my eyes.
A score between 60 – 70: the game is okay, I have played better games, or I expected more from it.
A score between 70 – 80: the game is good, but there are some elements that weren’t much fun.
A score between 80 – 90: this game is very good. Apart from some minor mistakes, I enjoyed it the whole way through.
A score between 90 – 99: the game is nearly perfect. At least in my eyes.

And finally, if I give a game the full 100/100, that means that the game is one of my favorite games ever made. This doesn’t mean that the game is perfect. Every game has its flaws. But the full marks mean that I enjoyed it (way too much). Or that the negative aspects don’t even bother me.

Game namePlatformGerneArticle typePublishedScoreMisc
1001 AttemptsAndroidActionGame QuickyApr ’145/5
1010!AndroidPuzzleGame QuickyFeb ’154/5
2 Player ReactorAndroidParty multiplayerGame QuickyJun ’134/5
999: 9 People 9 Hours 9 DoorsDSHorror / Adventure / Visual NovelReviewAug ’14100/100
A Hat in TimePC3D Action / Adventure / PlatformerReviewNov ’17100/100
Abyss of the SacrificeSwitchHorror / Visual NovelFINov ’21
AccidentPCSimulationFINov ’20
Across The MomentPCAdventureFIDec ’17
Ace Attorney 6 – Spirit Of Justice3DSAdventure / Visual NovelFISep ’16
Ace Attorney – Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 – Prosecutor’s Path (English Patched)DSAdventure / Visual NovelReviewAug ’1590/100FI
AderaPCAdventure / Point & ClickReviewApr ’1970/100
AdventrixAndroidCasual / PuzzleGame QuickyNov ’144/5
Adventure BirdsAndroidCasualGame QuickyJun ’142.5/5
AdventurelandAndroidEndless RunnerGame QuickyJun ’144/5
Airport ScannerAndroidCasualGame QuickyJul ’135/5
AI: The Somnium FilesSwitchHorror / Adventure / Visual NovelFIOct ’19
AI: The Somnium Files – The Nirvana InitativeSwitchHorror / Adventure / Visual NovelReviewJul ’2290/100
AladdinGBPlatformerReviewJul ’1327/100
Alan WakePCHorror / ShooterReviewOct ’1395/100FI
Alan Wake – American NightmarePCHorror / ShooterReviewApr ’1470/100*
All You Can EatPCPoint-And-ClickGame QuickyFeb ’2090/100
Angels Of DeathSwitchHorror VNReviewOct ’18100/100
Another Code: R – Journey into the Last MemoriesWiiAdventure VNFIJun ’13
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresPCPlatformerFISep ’13
Ama’s LullabyPCPoint-and-ClickPreviewMar ’17
Archaica – The Path Of LightSwitchPuzzleGame QuickyMay ’2060/100
AsylopolePCPoint-and-ClickPreviewNov ’17
Assassin’s Creed – BrotherhoodXBOX360Adventure ReviewJun ’1377/100
Atelier Rorona – Alchemist of Arland – DXSwitchRPG / Adventure / TycoonReviewFeb ’1970/100
Baba Is YouSwitchPuzzleGame QuickyFeb ’20100/100
Barbie – Secret AgentGBAAdventure / PlatformerReviewOct ’1470/100
Barn FindersPCTycoon / AdventureFIOct ’20
Beastie BayAndroidRPGReviewMay ’1370/100
BloodPCShooterReviewApr ’2195/100
BloodStainedSwitchMetroidvaniaFIOct ’19
Blossom TalesSwitchAdventureReviewJun ’1890/100
Blue DragonXBOX360JRPGFIMar ’21
BioshockPCShooterFIDec ’15
Bioshock 2PCShooterReviewAug ’1770/100
Bioshock InfinitePCShooterReviewMay ’1699/100
Bitcoin BillionaireAndroidCasualReviewFeb ’155/5
Brain DotsAndroidPuzzleReviewJan ’164/5
Bookworm AdventuresPCCasual / PuzzleGame QuickyMar ’1690/100
Bravely Second Demo3DSJRPGPreviewFeb ’16
Bridge StrikeSwitchTop down shooterGame QuickyJul ’2070/100
Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s CursePCPoint-and-ClickFIDec ’13Only ep.1
BubliminateAndroidPuzzleReviewFeb ’153/5
Bully – Scholarship EditionPCOpen world / AdventureFIMar ’14
Buttons and ScissorsAndroidPuzzleReviewFeb ’154.5/5
Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping BootsPCPoint-and-ClickReviewApr ’1970/100
Card GameAndroidCardReviewJun ’134.5/5
Choice Of The DragonAndroidVisual NovelReviewApr ’144.5/5
Club House Games – 42 All-Time ClassicsDSCasual / PartyReviewFeb ’15100/100
Color NetAndroidPuzzleReviewApr ’174/5
Corpse PartyPSPHorror / Adventure VNReviewJun ’1395/100FI
Corpse Party 2PCHorror / AdventureFIMar ’20
Corpse Party – Book Of ShadowsPSPHorror / Adventure VNReviewFeb ’1499/100FI
Corpse Party – Blood DriveAndroidHorror / Adventure VNFIOct ’17
CSI: Hard EvidencePCPoint-and-ClickReviewFeb ’1570/100
DanganronpaSwitchHorror / Adveneture VNReviewFeb ’2299/100
Death MarkSwitchHorror / Adventure VNReviewJan ’1990/100
DelverPCRoguelike / Dungeon CrawlerReviewNov ’1390/100
DooM (2016)PCShooterReviewMay ’2080/100
Dragon Quest BuildersSwitchSurvival / Building / RPGReviewAug ’18100/100
DuskPCShooterReviewNov ’2090/100
EvolandPCAdventureReviewNov ’1370/100
Escape From Monkey IslandPS2Point-and-ClickReviewAug ’1370/100
Fantasy Life3DSSimulation / RPGReviewJul ’1885/100
Fire Emblem WarriorsSwitchHack-And-Slash / StrategyReviewDec ’1899/100
Flow FreeAndroidPuzzleReviewJul ’134/5
Flow Free: BridgesAndroidPuzzleReviewJul ’134/5
Fury Racing 3D Real SpeedAndroidRacingReviewNov ’133/5
GameR-Mate StikPCSoftwareFIJun ’20
Halo Combat EvolvedPCShooterReviewAug ’1790/100
HopliteAndroidPuzzleGame QuickyApr ’145/5
Indiana Jones and The Infernal MachinePCAction / AdventureReviewFeb ’1490/100
Indiana Jones and The Infernal MachineGBCAction / AdventureReviewMay ’2180/100
Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar’s Dreams Collectors’ EditionPCCasual / StrategyGame QuickyMar ’224/5
James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes3DSPuzzle / AdventureReviewJun ’1365/100
Kirby Epic YarnWiiPlatformerReviewJul ’18100/100
Kirby Planet Robobot3DSPlatformerReviewJul ’1670/100
Kirby’s Return To DreamlandWiiPlatformerReviewMay ’16100/100
Legend Of A Ninja: A Shadow To RememberPCRPGReviewAug ’1435/100
Lili: Child Of GeosPCAdventureReviewJul ’1460/100
Little KitePCPoint-and-ClickReviewDec ’1780/100
Lucid PathPCCasual RPGReviewDec ’1870/100
Miitopia3DSAdventureReviewOct ’1765/100
MinecraftPCOpen WorldReviewMay ’1390/100
Minecraft Story ModeAndroidAdventure VNFIJan ’17
Mirillis ActionPCSoftwareReviewSep ’17Good
My Little UniverseAndroidCasualGame QuickyFeb ’224/5
NeutopiaTurboGraphix16Open World / Adventure / ActionFINov ’21
NG – Spirit HunterSwitchHorror VNReviewOct ’19100/100
Nicktoons – Battle For Volcano IslandGameboy AdvencePlatformerReviewOct ’1480/100
Nintendo Pocket Football Club3DSSport / SimReviewDec ’1765/100
OutlawsPCShooterReviewSep ’17100/100
Paper Mario – The Origami KingSwitchAdventure / PuzzleReviewAug ’2085/100
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyDSVNReviewAug ’1385/100
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies3DSVNReviewNov ’1395/100
Pnevmo-Capsula: DomikiPCPuzzleGame QuickyNov ’213/5
Playmobil Interactive – Top AgentsDSAdventureReviewMay ’1320/100
Pokémon Blue, Red & YellowGameboyAdventure / RPGReviewJun ’1390/100
Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & PlatinumDSAdventure / RPGReviewMay ’19100/100
Pokémon – Gold, Silver & CrystalGameboy ColorAdventure / RPGReviewJan ’1581/100
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Explorers Of Time/Darkness & SkyDSDungeon CrawlerReviewJun ’1695/100
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Gates To Infinity3DSDungeon CrawlerReviewAug ’1385/100
Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire & EmeraldGameboy AdvanceAdventure / RPGReviewApr ’17100/100
Pokémon Sun and Moon3DSAdventure / RPGReviewDec ’1680/100
Pokémon Sword & ShieldSwitchAdventure / RPGReviewFeb ’2170/100
Pokemon X & Y3DSAdventure / RPGReviewJan ’1470/100
Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright3DSPuzzle / VN ReviewMay ’14100/100FI
Monster TaleDSMetroidvaniaReviewMar ’1899/100
Uncharted: The Lost LegacyPS4Action / AdventureReviewJul ’1980/100
Rayman LegendsWii UPlatformerReviewFeb ’1699/100
RepentantPCPoint-and-ClickReviewAug ’1880/100
Rise of the Tomb RaiderPCAction / AdventureReviewMay ’1695/100
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderPCAction / AdventureReviewNov ’1890/100
Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and PunishmentsXBOX360Point-and-ClickFIJul ’22
Stella Glow3DSRPGReviewAug ’16N/A
Super Mario OdysseySwitchOpen World / Platformer / AdventureReviewJul ’18
Tape Simulator 96KPCSimulationPreviewDec ’21
TarzanGBCPlatformerFIDec ’14
The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The WildWii UOpen World / AdventureFIMar ’17
The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening DXGB(C)AdventureReviewNov ’1480/100
The Legend of Zelda – Link Between Worlds3DSAdventureReviewAug ’1470/100FI
The Legend of Zelda – Minish CapGBAAdventureReviewOct ’15100/100
The Legend of Zelda – Oracle Of AgesGBCAdventureReviewMay ’1399/100
The Legend of Zelda – Oracle Of SeasonsGBCAdventureReviewMay ’1397/100
The Legend of Zelda – Phantom HourglassDSAdventureReviewOct ’1690/100
The Legend Of Zelda – Skyward SwordWiiAdventureFIOct ’14
The Legend of Zelda – Spirit TracksDSAdventureReviewAug ’1480/100
The Rat PackPCCasualGame QuickyNov ’2170/100
The Sims 2Gameboy AdvanceSimulation / AdventureReviewNov ’1470/100
The Stanley ParablePCAdventureFIOct ’13
The SurvivalistsPCSurvival AdventureFIJan ’22
Time HollowDSVNReviewAug ’1475/100
Tomb Raider (2013)PCAction / AdventureReviewMay ’1380/100
Tomb Raider II – Featuring Lara CroftPS1Action / AdventureReviewJul ’1770/100
Tomb Raider LegendPCAction / AdventureReviewSep ’1770/100
Tomodachi Life3DSSimulationReviewJul ’1470/100
Virtue’s Last Reward3DSHorror VNReviewMay ’1399/100
Yo-Kai Watch3DSAdventure / RPGReviewJan ’1869/100
Game namePlatformGenreArticle typePublishedScoreMisc
FI = First Impression

Personal articles

Update articles

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Awards & community awards posts


Arpegi Exclusive: Liebster Award

Award: One of the best gaming blogs on the internet (According to FeedSpot)

The Blogger Recognition Award

NekoJonez Wins Unique Blogger Award

The Real Neat Blog Award – 5 YEARS of NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog Special

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2 of 2018 for NekoJonez

Award: Sunshine blogger

NekoJonez wins awards – Sunshine Blogger Award

Award Time – Thanks LaterLevels

The Sunshine Blogger Award – Q and A

Community Award: Real Neat Blog Award from Frostilye


NekoJonez got an award!


The Real Neat Blog Award

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NekoJonez interview (reblog from ButtonSmashers)


Question and Purrswer #1

Question and Purrswer #2


My pet cat Sparta, my twinkling star

What’s on my phone

End of the year articles

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2016Part 1Part 2N/A
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In 2014, I did a podcast that is on a now deleted website so that’s lost to time.


Collab series

Creative Christmas 2017 – Laterlevels

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Published presskits


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The future of the TCG genre

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Return of Warrior opens two EXCLUSIVE 2018 Events!

NTales: Child of Destiny now in Chinese and Vietnamese and teaser to Guild Update!

Return of Warrior Celebrates the Lunar New Year with Special Items, More Gold, Rare Treasure Chest!

NTales comes with its newest Content Update; February Event still UP!

“Ship of Heroes” Successfully Completes First Combat Alpha

GoVentureWold ~ A Browser Game for Economics

NetherWorld: the sinister dimension of excesses shows up on Kickstarter

Global Version of “Pocket Knights 2” Starts Today!

NTales: Child of Destiny Welcomes Spring: Big Updates, the Grandest of Events, & Awesome Giveaways!

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Beta Test Spo-Bit, a Fantasy Sports Game, and Get Free 1,000 Gold!

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Hello Hero: Epic Battle Grand Launch in Southeast Asia!

Astounding Gaming Stats Revealed

Suicide Guy now out for PS4 & Nintendo Switch

unmemory – A mystery game you can read. A noir novel you can play.

Repentant is releasing on the 9th Augustus 2018

Suicide Guy – Sleeping Deeply now on Nintendo Switch

Thousands dead in LostHero, new souls-like hardcore RPG

Suicide Guy – Sleeping Deeply is now out on PS4!

Be Part Of History With Rise Of Ages

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Guest writers

Lpgardian (Q)

Introduction of Q

Manga Cat Views.

From Manga to Video Game: Btooom!

From Manga to Video Game: Air Gear

From Manga To Video Game: Onepunch-man

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Pokémon collab

By Eric:

Counting Steps: Pokémon Go!

By Merman:

Review: Pokémon Pinball Mini (Pokémon Mini)

Review: Pokémon Pinball (Gameboy)

Review: Pokémon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire (Gameboy Advance)

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Creative Christmas 2020 – ShootTheRookie