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ButtonSmahsers – Reposted blogs on this page. (Now named Simply Binge)

CreepyPasta’s – On this page you will find all the creepypastas I wrote.

Rants – On this page, you find my rants about games and/or game mechanics.

Stories – On this page, you find a link to all stories I have written for this blog!

Video’s – On this page you can find all the video’s of LP’s and gameplay I posted on here or ButtonSmashers.

Game Diary – In this blog game, I hide references to a game or series. Can you find them?

Running series

First Impressions – Here you can find my first impressions of games I started playing and I want to review when finished. (Games I already have finished, I won’t write a first impression article about)

Game Music – On this page, you can read everything about my “Favorite Gaming Music” series.

Game Quickies – On this page you find all short articles about games, mods or other nifty stuff.

Gaming Nostalgia – On this page, you find all the articles where I talk about my life in games.

Gamer’s Thoughts – On this page, you can find all my thoughts as a gamer, writer and much more.

Personal – This page contains articles related to me. On the same page, you can also find articles like press kits.

Reviews – On this page, you find a list of all my reviews.